Blogs are supposed to be an outlet, right? Here's what I need to get off my chest:

voi·là –interjection
used to express success or satisfaction. Voilà, my new winter outfit!
When you make dessert and present it to your friends: Voila!

Never ever spell it "walla" or I will be extremely annoyed.

Ok I'm better now.


Chad&Emily said...

hey! of course you made my friends list! as you can see i'm not very popular with just 3 friends. but thats okay...its substance not the number of friends that matters right. i'll try to update it all the time if i remember. i keep forgetting i made this blog, and i'm still trying to figure stuff out. if only i was as computer smart like you. :(

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Oy vey - the incorrect spellings in the world, you can vent to my sympathetic ear anytime :).

And we can TOTALLY be blog buddies! How have the Hobsons been?! What has you in Ogden? That's actually where I grew up (hence the bear memory) - but I claim the southern portion of the city.

The Piersons said...

I will read it as soon as Aaron will let me purchase it. Maybe he will go out of town or something. :) But I can't imagine not loving Edward, Kari I'm completely entranced with him. I feel a little deprived that I never had the chance to fall in love with an unhumanly beautiful vampire.

Scott N Stephanie said...

ha ha ha the fact that you are such a word nazi makes me nervous to post!! I wish we would have seen you guys at the movies it would have been fun to catch up. did you see us at national treasure or i am legend?

Missy said...

It's cute! I like the buttons. Like they should do something if I clicked on them!

Chad&Emily said...

hey thanks! its funny that i read that message from you because 2 seconds before i read it i was thinking 'oh man why did i put that picture up? i hope my hair doesnt look that bad in person.' but yeah i'm letting it grow out then gonna try something with it. i need it to be easier to put up when i cant get ready cuz of the baby!

The Piersons said...

Good news, a co-worker brought me his wife's copy of Eclipse!! I'll read it over the weekend and report back to you on Monday. I'm so excited!!