happy new year

Our new years consisted of eating dinner at Matt's friend's house, going to First Night at Temple Square, and then hanging out at my aunt & uncle's cabin in Sundance on new years day. Here I am on the trax on the way to the festivities. I told Matt to take a picture of me. At least I'm honest. I shouldn't have posed so awkwardly.

Fireworks at the Gallivan Center. Why do I keep tilting my head up and right?

Matt & his buddy Socsdan


Tate Family said...

See, told you I'd check this tonight. Um, please don't grow a mustache...and I laughed at your whole Questions you don't ask. I do think at times I do need a lesson on social graces. Well at least Brad thinks I do anyways. Glad we got to see you today!

wendy said...

Yeah! Some pictures of both of you! Your New Years activities were sooo much better than ours! It's always fun to read and see the pics. Keep it up!

Stacy Girl said...

#1. I love how your mom comments on all your blog entries.
#2. That questions you don't ask was wonderful. All the other comments/questions... were they from someone you work with? That would be annoying to be around for a long amount of time.
#3. We should plan a time to get together- when can you?