Flashback Friday

I almost forgot. But I didn't.

So I always enjoy doing flips on my aunt and uncle's trampoline in Orem. So here are some pics and a video. Not too interesting, but enjoy. This is also where our Utah reception was.

I like what I look like when the video ends.

getting ready...

getting even more ready?...

landing very oddly.

Yep, I can do it with my hands in my pockets.

I'm bored.


Chad&Emily said...

well it could be an accident ;)

wendy said...

Another fun blog! Maybe you can teach Olive to do flips and tricks on the tramp after the snow melts.

Chad&Emily said...

haha. except neither of us were wanting one yet. but he's so much fun now that we have him! it changes everything, but its all good. :)