Flashback Friday

Yeah, I've forgotten Flashback Friday for like two weeks...whoops. I guess it's only when I remember.

So this picture is kinda gross cause I'm sooo tan and my nose looks kinda screwed up. I just realized that it's cause my tan is uneven from my sunglasses. This was in probably August of 2005. I was a lifeguard that summer, so I got a lot of time in the sun. My mom has a client that she personal trains that has some amazing season tickets to the Rangers, so Stacy & I went one night. We walked to the seats and said to each other, "Are these really our seats?" They were in the first row, right behind the visitors' dugout (but also closer to home plate). One of the coaches threw a ball to someone by us, and Stacy looked at him and asked, "What about me?" So he threw her one. Then I was whining that I wanted one, so Stacy got the coach to throw me one too. You can tell she's the outgoing one...well, she's louder, at least. :) Look how tan my arm is. Oh, and another funny thing that happened at that game was that we were sitting by some adult (old!) guy, and he was telling us about some girl that had blue hair or something like that, implying that that was ridiculous, and Stacy and I looked at each other, each giving the "he has no idea that I have purple hair" look. You can kinda see the hue on the top of my head. Oh, and I accidentally wore the color of the opposing team. Oops.
*Please note our Texas charms around our necks. All you Texas people know James Avery!


Anonymous said...

what's the deal with flashback friday?? i might wanna get in on it! from what i can tell it's every friday... just sweet old school pictures??

Stacy Girl said...

Oh my GOSH! I didn't know you had this up here. I am embarrassed? All I have to say is EW. But that was a good game. Heck yeah I caught a ball and got one for you.

Kari & Matt said...

whitney, I guess so! I stole the idea from some other girl's blog.