I Want One

So Matt and I joined Gold's Gym on Tuesday, and we have four gyms in the area that we can go to. One is the brand new one in downtown Ogden. The following is why I like that particular one:

Yep, that's my own, personal TV so I can watch Friends, which is what I was watching when I took this picture. It also has a jack that you can plug your headphones into. It's great. All of the bikes and ellipticals have their own TVs, too. I need a friend that will go with me to the classes, especially the water classes! Who wants to be my workout buddy?


wendy said...

I'm so jealous. What a cool deal. I'll be your friend!!

ambyr said...

I'm was so happy to read that you were watching friends!! That is the coolest thing ever!! Too bad Denton has nothing close to that to offer...not even a gym!

Tate Family said...

Kari, sorry for failing to post...but I'm glad I have yours to read!
Fun ROCKIN party!!!