Here is Matt with his new rock star beach towel. He's been wanting a new towel for our cruise in March, so I found him one. And the part about the rock star should be obvious, since we are rock stars on our Xbox.

Yay Reece's hearts. (Can you tell I went to Walmart and bought what I saw? I forgot about buying presents til last night. Oops.)

This whole thing is full of candy ALL for me. And maybe I'll share some with Matt.

This was in my bag o' candy with some other things...such as a new chain for my TEXAS charm. I tried taking a picture of my new necklace, but taking a self portrait of your neck doesn't turn out very well. And you all should know my Texas necklace already since I never took it off...until Olive broke the chain somehow. So my necklace and I are reunited, and the world is right.
Oh, and I got matt a Nirvana shirt to wear for our Rock Band party tomorrow night...and I got myself a Pink Floyd shirt. You'll see those when I post about our party. I wanted the Nirvana one, but they didn't have my size, so I bought it for Matt instead. SOMEONE has to wear it.

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wendy said...

Hey Rock Stars! Where is your post about the party? I want to hear all about it!