I'm with the band

Well, we had a Rock Band party on Friday night. So here are pictures of that.

Here's the invitation/flier/flyer. I can never remember how to spell that. Please don't mind my editing in Paint. I didn't feel like going into Photoshop to take out address out, (for safety precautions from you freaky stalkers!) so I scribbled over it instead.

Here's Matt's outfit from the front.

And from the back...

And underneath!

Jared with his authentic Willie Nelson bandana that Willie threw to him...it supposedly even had Willie's sweat on it. That sounds dirty.

Here are our friends James and Sara. Sara was really bad at the drums, but much better at the guitar. :) She will most likely never see this because she's technologically disabled...as in she doesn't do stuff with computers. If you do see this, HEY SARA! Great cupcakes! They're going on our cruise with us.

Here's Ashley, Jared, and me going at it. I'm wearing my Pink Floyd shirt that I bought at Walmart specially for this party. I also wore my jeans with a hole in the knee, and my sparkle rocker shoes. And I dyed my hair purple in the back. With real dye. Jared and Ashley are also our cruise buddies!

And for your viewing and listening pleasures...

Check back tomorrow, for I shall be posting about Monster Jam that Matt, Jared, and I went to tonight at what used to be called the Delta Center, but I cannot recall its current name at the present moment. Until then, my viewers, I bid you adieu.

Oh, P.S. I held a baby tonight. Believe it. I do not have pictures, but have a little faith.


wendy said...

Hey, it looks like you had a rockin' good time. Dad I liked hearing your laugh, Kari, during the video. Great idea for a party! Looks like Olive had fun too.

Stacy Girl said...

haha. Have a little faith that you held a baby?! I can see it. Did you drop it too? I kid I kid. Next time, do us a favor and invite ME to your parties! k?