Oh Hair

So the poll ended up just as I suspected it would. Blonde won, but that doesn't mean that I'm doing that! I started the treacherous endeavor of growing my hair out (I've tried many a time, but I've succumbed each time), and I want to do it this time. It's a tedious and ugly process, but I want to see what my natural really looks like when it's all over my head and not just at my roots. You can't really tell when it's just your roots...they seem so dark when I have blonde hair, but then they look gray when I have black hair. What a dilemma. So after 10+ years of hair color ignorance, I will embark once again. Wish me luck!

Maybe this is an answer to my problem...

- As of tonight, Matt and I are members of Gold's Gym. I want to travel the world just so I can work out at all those other gyms.
- I got a blister from drumming on Rock Band. I'm hardcore.

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