Missy Elliot Saunders tagged me, so I will try to do my best to get interesting things for you to read.

1. My nose sweats when I eat Starburst. Brandon said it had to do with the sugar or something, but I think it has something to do with the tartness. Yep, tartness. I've had the nose sweat with other tart stuff too.

2. I love the Backstreet Boys song "I want it that way." I love to sing the part where Nick goes, "tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyy" really high towards the end. Thanks, Stacy, for getting me their Millenium cd and 98 degrees for my birthday one year...

3. I become "friends" with people on facebook who I don't like, but I want to look at their pages. I am also in the groups titled "Just because we are facebook friends does not mean i like you in real life" and "I keep people I hate as friends just so I can look at their profiles." So true! Don't worry, I like 99.7% of my friends on there.

4. I have a thing for New England and (old) England. I'm dying to live in both places. I think I married Matt because he went on his mission to England. All the females in my mom's family went to London for a day and a half one summer on our way to Italy, and I wanted to stay there the whole time. I need to go back. Matt says I won't like it if we move there, but what does he know? Who wants to move there with us?

5. I do chores from 10pm and later. I guess I need the whole day to build my momentum to do that stuff. In my house in Texas I would do really weird things at 1 in the morning like pull out the wood cleaner and go around the living room that was upstairs by my room and clean all the doors and the wood that went half way up the walls. And of course everything that was wood in my own room. Matt and I have opposite schedules. He wakes up at crazy times in the morning and then dies around 10 at night, and 10 at night is just when I wake up!

I tag Ashley, Emily, Elise, Stacy, and Katy!


Missy said...

You're such a good little blogger... ;)

I went to London when I was 19. My sister wanted to stay and I wouldn't have minded because she annoyed the crap out of me the entire time we were there!

I'm definitely going back with John someday but would seriously never live there.

wendy said...

I missed 11/2 days of checking your blog and your whole life has been exciting! You look good on your snowboard. And don't forget, we have Gold's Gyms here in Texas! Giddy-up!

Leslie said...

i just popped over after your comment on my blog. wanted to tell you how much i loved your play list! from amy winehouse to sinead to the beach boys. we share awesome taste. :)