Get Yur Hair Did

I dyed my hair last night to what I thought was closest to my natural. It's never exactly what you want, but I did it anyway. Here's the before and after:

Sorry to those of you with Google Reader and got updated everytime I reposted.


Grandma Duffy said...

Looks good. I couldn't even guess what color is close to my original. I have only colored for about 4 years!

jon & whit said...

am i retarded? i can't tell a difference.... but it's cute no matter what!!!

mommy dearest said...

I like it! Like Diane, who knows my "natural" color. Actually I do know, more gray than brown. ug

Chad&Emily said...

i like the new color! and yeah i have no clue how to get that friends link back! i'm giving up on that. :(
p.s. i dont have the internet hooked up yet in my new house, so sorry you can't be dazzled by my wonderful blogs every day.