Just paint it

I am typing one-handed because i didn't think my latest project through. So i am allergic to every metal that i try to put in my ears, so my mom got me some plastic earrings. i don't really like that they are light pink/white striped, so i decided to do what i do to everything when i don't like it -- i'm painting them. i just dipped it into the paint, and then realized that i can't just set it down to dry...so i have to hold it. quite the predicament. i wonder how long this is gonna take. i need to figure out something different for the other earring.

while i'm just sitting here, i shall show you some pics.

olive being forced to wear my beanie

After she got it off...we weren't watching her...obviously...oops.


Big Z said...

Good dog, that was a hideous thing to do to poooooor Olive!

jon & whit said...

haha that looks like almost everything we own!!! we left maya in the basement yesterday pretty much all day cuz we went to salt lake & she tore up everything in sight! plus she pooped like 3 days worth i swear. it was SO fun to clean up.