How did Kurt Cobain REALLY die?

I know this is not a new thing, but I have just now come around to pandora.com. You put in a band or song that you like, and it plays songs that are similar to whatever you put in. Last night I put in Red Hot Chili Peppers, and everything it played was something I liked. It's good for people that sit at the computer and like to listen to music. I used to let my blog play while I did other things, but now I get a variety of stuff with Pandora.

It's a boring life when this is what I write about.


Matt Haroldsen said...

hey what's up...im your hubbies cuz... I am so happy to find your blog... Happy to be able to check out what's goin on in your lifes a little!!

Anonymous said...

does this mean you quit your job? tell me it isn't true!! well actually it wouldn't be too bad a deal for me cuz you'd have more time to blog, which is MY entertainment while i'm at work!!