Let there be sound! Hallelujah!

So about two months ago, my car battery died.

My stereo has an anti-theft device that makes the stereo shut off and stay off unless you have a code to enter into it by using the 1-6 station buttons. I felt like I had that problem before, but I couldn't find the code anywhere in my glovebox. My owner's manual said that you can take the car into an Acura dealership and they can figure out your code. So that's been the plan for two months...and I just haven't done it. So every ride in the car is in silence. Matt and I even listened to my ipod once by each of us using one earphone each.

So yesterday we were waiting FOREVER in the Taco Time line, and I found something to put in my console. As I was looking in there, I glimpsed a card that said anti-theft...and I pulled it out. IT WAS THE CODE! So I hurried and entered it in. Never have I heard such a beautiful sound as that static.


Stacy Girl said...

Static! Love it! My favorite was the headstone with "Battery" on it. Sooo... my blog is looking the same as yesterday... can we fix that? I'm pretty sure I have looked at my own about 20 times today just to see if you had made any changes. :)

jon & whit said...

doesn't that just piss ya off?? i've had the same problem many times. luckily now we have a stereo without a code. i'm too retarded for those. i'd rather have my stereo stolen than deal with a motha freakin code!

mommy dearest said...

Loved the headstone with the "battery" and frown on it! Very cleaver. I'm so glad you have sound in your car again. Did you give extra gracious to the little person giving you your food for taking sooo long! They did you a huge favor!

Chelsi said...

Yay!!!! I've had that problem before too. I almost committed suicide.