My favorite metrosexual Asian

When I found all of those black hair pictures, I also found these pictures of my friend Tony and me. He bought a Ducati, so he took me on a ride.

Obviously you must take a picture from the side
Looks like I have a sock in my crotch.

and with Donnie...

Me: Now, you've driven one of these before, right?

He must've said yes

I AM in the picture, right?

One last pose...

And we're off.

Now Tony's my brother from another mother, and we're tight. He was my roommate for a semester, and then he graduated from USU in graphic design. Does he use his wonderful talent? No. He sells pharmaceuticals! Lame! Give your talent to me, Tony. I would cherish it. :)

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Clayton and Heidi said...

You are one hot biker chick..I mean that in a non-gay way...