Ode to black hair

I have not done a Flashback Friday for a LONG time, so I think I'll make up for it tonight. You better look at EVERY picture I post, or else.

These posts are all from my junior year of college. And there's one picture of the summer before that year. I dyed my hair black during the spring semester of my sophomore year, and I didn't stop until I was going to get engaged. I figured I'd better have blonde hair for my wedding. Boring! Gotta do whatcha gotta do, right? Anyway, here are some pictures. I kinda miss the black when I see these pics! They're in choronologicalish order.

black (hair) & brown (skin)...I might be wearing that shirt right now...

with my other husband

that railing was not sturdy at all. scary. and i might've
flashed dustin as i got up there. you liked that, eh, dusty!?

pro at yoga. ok you can't see any black
hair, but that's cool, right? YOU try it.

not sure what's going on here. maybe we're showing
off our new shoes. don't mind the dirty dishes...we
had issues with people doing their own dishes that year.

a picture we had to take for a catalog we designed.
it was AWKWARD. i mean look at that boob touching
that's happening with elsie and me.

Howl '06. The first year it sucked.
Jessi even sewed our dresses.
Do I look Dutch?


Clayton and Heidi said...

Love the black hair. In your honor I dyed my hair black on Thursday. Ok so it wasn't in your honor since I did it before I read this post, but I can still say I did, right?!? BTW did you live in Pine View. One of the pictures (the one with the dirty dishes) looks like the good ol' PV. I lived their for 2 years and we always had dirty dish issues too.

Anonymous said...

i REALLY like your black hair! you should totally do it again. i have to be honest when you had the vote, i voted blond but now that i see all these pictures, i realize how wrong i was. & please don't think i'm psycho but i like your knees! i have the fattest knees EVER so consider yourself envied!!

travisandjoy said...

I like your black hair, and you do it well being so tan! Not very many people can pull it off and still be cute! So than Matt knew you the whole time with black hair before getting married? was he surprised when you went blonde? maybe you should do it again, eh?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so love the new header...actually LOVE the dark hair too! :) Very cute to see. Really, you look good either way. Curse people like you! I tried the dark brunette once... let's just say that's why I'm a blond again. :)

Chelsi said...

You should dye it black again. I like it black. And thanks for posting the weird pic of us. At least my breast isn't touching anyone eh?