Feliz Anniversary...o

Today marks the day that Matt & I have been married for dos anos. I was thinking last night about how exactly two years ago my Beto's chicken burrito was being upchucked.

{occasional lazy eye comes out for wedding pictures}

{but i worked out}

{you worked out too}

{peeping tom}

Happy anniversary to all of you May 13th weddings
{elise&mason : missy&brad}


jon & whit said...

i LOVE your pictures!! who was your photographer??

mommy dearest said...

I love that last picture that Heidi made into black and white. I gotta have that CD!!

Elise said...

Your pictures are so cute! I love your dress, I wish I was daring enough to have worn a short dress like yours!

Chelsi said...

yaaaaaay! Happy Anniversary toooo yooooouuu!

CA said...
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CA said...

We love you Kari and Matt!
Two years! WOW ! I think about you when I do yard work . NO way the yard is ready for a wedding this year. We had a great celebration 2 yrs. ago . That was a fun and crazy week.