I think I might be the guy in this relationship. I just realized that since tomorrow is our anniversary, I probably should buy Matt a present. Perhaps I should run to Walmart and buy him everything I see, just like I always do. I'm the worst wife ever. I'm such the guy.

Other ideas...

this guy and his wife got matching tats on their first anniversary...
although, I don't advise that, no matter how in love you are.

Another matching tattoo for
the first anniversary. Notice,
though, that it's their FIRST
anniversary. Never the 10th...
why is that?

But really,
he HAS
been dying
to have some
framed silhouettes.
What guy isn't?

Should have just done this. That would've been easy. Oh wait...changing your name is the stupidest hassle ever. Nevermind.

Oh my hell. I just found what I want as an anniversary present.
MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my gosh oh my goshoh mygosh ohmygoshohmygosh
that PLUS the tats...everything is just coming together.
With our silhouettes painted on the chopper, of course.


Elise said...

ok...you're right, I did jump the gun by a few hours, but I'll be busy tomorrow.
Oh and thanks...apparently it didn't take us as long as we thought it would. I'm due December 12!

Elise said...

It took us about four months...doesn't sound like a long time, but it was hard every month when it didn't stick. It took my sister two years, so I was fully planning on it taking that long for me too. I have already had an ultrasound, but for some reason it wouldn't upload...I'll keep working on it.
Also...Dang Twilight comes out on my due date! I guess I won't be seeing that until it comes to DVD... but I want to see it so badly!

Grandma Duffy said...

You and Matt should put some wash off tattoos on and come ride on our little "mini harleys" before they go to the mountain and we could take your photo. It would be really cute. Shane has his picture taken on one and it is on Rick's credit card. My "bike" has a basket and streamers...really cool!

mommy dearest said...

I just read Diane's comment and she is so right! You should do that!!! Happy Anniversary, Kari and Matt!!! It was so fun planning and having your wedding/reception! We need you two to come for a visit - SOON!! Tell me the weekend, I'll check the flights!

jon & whit said...

dang it kari, you're always making me laugh out loud at work!! if i get fired i'm moving in with you guys cuz jon would kick me out... that is freakin awesome though. i'll have to remember some of those ideas when our anniversary rolls around again! Happy Anniversary to you guys! Time to have a baby - do it now!! (MATT!)