Grammar Nazi Lesson

Since I have a label named "Grammar Nazi," I decided to write a post devoted to that so I could use it. I will teach you two words (really two words each, and two of them...) that are written incorrectly all the time.

1. each other. two words. i remember this because my old roommate used to yell at the tv when people would say it as if it were one word. "EACH! OTHER! TWO WORDS!" thanks alex. and don't you even comment about my lack of capitalization cause I'm hypocritical like that.

2. everyday vs. every day. everyday is used as an adjective as in everyday tasks. every day is as in each day. you don't say eachday, so it's not everyday either. you may say, "but kari, dictionary.com says it can be a noun as well...it says 'noun -- the routine or ordinary day or occasion: We use inexpensive plates for everyday.'" but i see it as "for everyday dining." back to adjective.

walah*, now you are smarter.
*if you are about to criticize the walah, make sure you click on the link first.


katy kathryn julia said...

And you use "each other" when you're talking about 2 people talking to each other. If you're talking about 3 or more people, you use "one another." Nobody gets that right--listen for it now.

Kari said...

ooh I never knew that one.

jon & whit said...

you should be an english teacher! i'm pretty nazi about stuff like that too but not as much as you!! :) it's drives me nuts when people say "i've WENT there before" & "i'm gonna get this WROTE up for you" WHAT??? that sounds SO wrong, don't they get it? i'm also guilty of not capitalizing. we're both hypocrites.

Stacy Girl said...

I'm not as bad as you, but grammar errors bug me as well. You and Katy are a lot better at it though.

P.S. As I was writing that comment, I was somewhat nervous and made sure there weren't any mistakes.