Only one comment on the decapitation post? COME ON!

That story is CRAZY!

Here's the opposite problem:


Jared said...

Heck ya. That one post was from me. That brings tender feelings to my heart.

Nichole said...

Now this story is crazy! A head that doesn't have a body but can blink and smile...creepy! As for the decapitation it was the kid's own fault, people like that ruin the fun for the rest of us-I love Batman.

Elise said...

ok...that is disgusting! Please don't let my baby be like that....or a hermaphodite!

mommy dearest said...

I kept looking at the picture thinking that they messed up since the rest of the body wasn't showing. Ewwwww! I guess my chubby thighs with celulite are getting more beautiful with each freaky article I read!! Yeah for whole body parts that work!!!