Am I pregnant?

I am prone to having a gut. I don't think I'd lose it even if I were 80 pounds. When I was little, I remember thinking, "Maybe I'm pregnant. I guess I will know eventually." I'm talking like seven years old, so that also means I probably didn't think the word eventually. Don't worry, I figured it was an immaculate conception.

P.S. Madonna's Immmaculate Collection is good.


Elise said...

Ok...I will always have a gut! When I was at my lowest weight I had a gut. I also thought that same thing when I was around 7....uh-oh...I'm pregnant...what now?

mommy dearest said...

Is that a belly button protrudiing on that cat's belly??? I'm glad you weren't pregnant at 7, kari. That would make me such a young g'ma!!

Stephanie said...

oh my gosh that cat is having some real problems. i hate cats.