For the love of spandex

I really like wearing spandex or just not buttoning and zipping up my pants. The commercial on here isn't the commercial I really wanted, but close enough. Do you remember the one with the hot Asian girl that walks into the elevator and then once she's in, she lets her gut go and her zipper flies open? That's me, minus the hot. Right now I'm enjoying myself with my cords wide open. I think Matt appreciates it when I do this. :) Well, I better go let the dog in (that means opening the door to the world while I look like this. Don't worry...I normally hide behind it. Keyword being normally.)

A Hot Girl Goes in to the Elevator - Click here for more home videos


Dennen and Hilary Frazier said...

Haha, I love it! I haven't ever seen the other commercial, but that one was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

i've seen this before, but it's awesome :P love it. haha

Chelsi said...