Have you missed me?

I didn't think so. I just haven't put much thought into blogging lately. I'm not sure why since it's such an IMPORTANT part of life. Because I have been a slacker, I will post one MILLION (said like Dr. Eviiiiil) posts today! K maybe not, but this is my fourth already.

Matt and I went to Texass for Christmas, and I feel like sharing our gingerbread houses with you. Please keep in mind that my dad is the only one of the group that is not a practicing religious person whatsoever. Shame on us MoMos. I guess.

Left to right: Matt's, Kari's (lame. i was tired from placing each nerd individually on the roof. but do you like my stained glass?), Mom's, Dad's (that's Jesus in there. with swaddling clothes. and wise guys out front.)



Anonymous said...

awesome :P btw...i HOPE i'm not "in the closet"...or we'd have issues.. :P hahaha

Pierce and Stacy said...

I like your mom's roof, and your dad's swaddling clothes are awesome. FUN!

Chelsi said...

i missed you. your dad rocks gingerbread.

Steph said...

Welcome home! Grandma Betty Jean would be proud of your dad's Gingerbread house.

mommy dearest said...

Stephanie is so right! I should frame that pic of the stable for G'ma. Kari, you beat me posting our houses, no surprise there. And I'm glad you're back to blogging! I've missed you!