Happenings of 2009

I feel like not much happened other than the obvious, but I'll look back over my facebook statuses. :)
  • baked a 2-layer red velvet cake from scratch
  • bought a Ford Escape
  • announced I was pregnant
  • went to hawaii for the first time since being in my mom's uterus
  • discovered the wonderful world of maternity pants
  • passed my gestational diabetes test so I could continue to eat sugar to my heart's content
  • bought a sectional couch. goodbye hand-me-down couches from when we got married.
  • had our third anniversary, which included a couples massage. a first for both of us.
  • forgot to wear at bra to church
  • washed my phone in the washing machine. that phone replaced a phone that I washed in the washing machine.
  • didn't get to attend my own baby shower in Texas because of a storm
  • I must post this status word for word: last night, as I reached for something on the ground, I was whipped out of my bed by the weight of my big ole belly, forcing me to be acrobatic to land on my butt. can you picture it? it was awesome.
  • retained a LOT of water
  • gained 40 pounds
  • quit my job
  • had a baby ripped from my womb
  • baby boy peed on me a lot while being changed
  • got really into grey's anatomy and desperate housewives
  • took beck on his first vacation to california for todd's wedding (first plane ride too)
  • went to texas for thanksgiving
  • sold my Spectacura (almost a FREAKING year later)
  • painted beck's toenails red. cutest thing ever.


The Schaugaard's said...

I have totally done the "forgot to wear a bra to church" thing... Ooops.

The Smith Family said...

What a clever way to look back on the year! I would have never thought of that

Chelsi said...

my personal fave is the bra

Pierce and Stacy said...

Man, I would DIE without my bra. :) Poor beck... red toenails, purple room, pink stroller... :) I love Grey's, never watched Desperate Housewives. Love massages. Yummy. Acrobatic story-great. I liked this post.

Alex and Kerri said...

As big as your...assets...are, I really love that you forgot to wear a bra! Seems like everyone else does too :-) You should get one of those cones to cover the little man so there's no more pee in the face! Kellen still regularly reminds me about the time he peed in my face...

Natalie said...

Hahaha... I haven't been checking blogs lately so I actually missed your blog about Gwen and Britney. It totally would have made me feel guilty, though. :) And I just may be desperate enough to use Britney's method... who knows?