Motivate Me

Many moons ago, I started Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred. I did it for a while. Not even a month. I found myself hanging out all day in my workout clothes, trying to find the motivation to do her stupid 30 minute workout. Soooo I quit. And I have loved not worrying about it.

But I'm...let's think of a nice way of putting it...chunky.

I looked up treadmills on KSL, but I just don't want to pay $300 for one right now. I know that's not too bad, but still. Now I've been looking up jogging strollers on KSL, so hopefully that will work. I need to remember how I got into workout grooves before. Maybe I should sign up for races to run. Who's with me??

(Before I got pregnant, I really wanted to do a triathlon, but now I've decided against it cause 1. I don't own a road bike and I don't want one; 2. I don't have a pool to swim in since I'm not a Gold's Gym member anymore. Hallelujah! Can I get an amen!?)

The first race we should do is...running to my mailbox and back.

Do you want to know something sad? I was googling "fat" for a picture to put on this post, and it said, "Related searches Jessica Simpson fat." That's just mean.

Now did any of you read this post? Or do you just look for pictures? Here's one of a time that I wasn't too rolly. Rolly as in rolls. Like stomach fat rolls. Maybe I should put up pictures all around my house of myself when I was skinnier. I know my FB buddies have already heard me mention this, but putting up pics as inspiration reminds me of the Full House episode where Donna Jo puts pictures of models on the refrigerator, makes plain water popsicles, and goes to the gym and doesn't do so hot on the stair stepper. [cue the heartfelt music] Donna Jo, don't you know your friends will love you even if you're a fatty? But they will probably talk about you behind your back.


mommy dearest said...

Ok, here are some ideas: Work out 1st thing in the am so it's not hanging over your head. I hate that feeling of "having" to work out. I never liked using the skinny pictures because I knew I really wouldn't achieve that look. However,with fat pictures - I know I can get to that look. I like the idea of a goal ie: 5k runs. I'll come and do it with you!

Cazier Family said...

I'm thinking the best person to talk to is... your mom, but let me just say this, you aren't fat! Having babies is sure rough on a body though huh? Don't do things you hate. Find something you love. I'd love to run a 5k with you :)

Clayton and Heidi said...

Um that full house episode was awesome.

That's all

oh and I'm sure you still look hot

mandie said...


The Smith Family said...

I'd love to run a race with you! We should do a half marathon? Or for starters a 10K. I did that last summer and loved it! (and yes I read your post)

Chelsi said...

i agree. find something you enjoy and set a time each day to do it. i like weight watchers for dieting. gillian is a crazy bitch. i hate her. you are hot.