Watch out for that first step. It's a doozy!

This title is appropriate on two levels. First, what I am going to say is going to be a doozy. Ok, maybe not, but I felt like it was at the time. Second, I felt like the same scenario was happening as when Matt didn't know that it was Eric Clapton on the commercial. (Get it? The title is a quote from Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray wakes up every day to the same day.)

Last night Matt didn't have his shirt on, and I said, "You look very Jim Morrison-y."


"I don't know who that is."

I would like to add that I sometimes ask stupid questions. I know, you can't even imagine that, right?


mommy dearest said...

Remember when we were looking at a house and Annys was going to turn on the lights and you said, "you don't have a niece here." HA!

Jordan said...

Is Groundhog Day one of your favorite movies? I think that's the second time you've referenced that movie on this blog. The funny thing is that I didn't know that either of those quotes were from the movie until you clarified it. Hmm.

jenjen said...

Hi Kari!

Thanks for your comment about my Dollar Store frames project. Yes, you can print directly on paper. At the time I didn't have a ink jet printer and my laser printer wouldn't take cardstock. So I cut the letters out. But I also like the look of the white background around the letters popping against the color on the cardstock. Now I have a ink jet printer, so I would probably print them out on the cardstock. And if you have a Cricut, you can use that to cut your letters out.

Thanks for coming by my blog. It's nice to meet you!


Alex and Kerri said...

That picture will always equal ciderblock walls, crazy roommates, and stinky Indian food left on the stove. Oh, Bullen Hall, I do not miss you.