Know your pop culture

On 2/22/10, I wrote a very important post, but I didn't post it. I just came across it, so I thought I'd bless you with it. How many times can I say it?

I read on Perez Hilton that Lorenzo Llamas is getting married for the fifth time, to a 23-year-old girl that he's been dating for three months. I tell you this because I'd like to talk about Lorenzo. Do you know who he is? He is the dorky boyfriend of Sandy in Grease.

but THEN he became Renegade!

Unless you're my mom, I bet you didn't know that. But now you do. And you better care.

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Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

AHAHAH OH MY GOSH, I NEVER KNEW THAT!! What a hilarious piece of trivia.