Won't you be my neighbor?

Matt has been living in Georgetown, Texas for about six weeks in an extended stay hotel. Last week he moved into an apartment, so last Saturday Beck and I moved down. We're on the second story, and a lady lives underneath us. Our neighbors to the side told us that she complains about EVERYTHING, so we've tried to be really good about noise and what we let Beck do. Obviously we don't let him throw the basketball on the ground, we don't let him jump up and down, we don't let him play Dashboard Confessional so loud that it shakes things on the walls. You know, normal obnoxious stuff. I do let him be two, though (so playing Barney that loud is ok), as long as it's not too loud or annoying. I had never seen the lady, but she showed up one day as we were outside talking to our side neighbor. As she walked up, Beck waved at her energetically, so I turned around to look at her, thinking it would be interesting to see how she responded to him. Surprisingly she waved back (she seemed a little reluctant, but how can you ignore a kid that's waving at you while everyone's watching?). Then Matt said, "How are you? We're your upstairs neighbors." She kept walking, never looked at Matt, and said, "I know who you are."

Woman, you just earned yourself some relentless toddler jumping.


Clint said...

Oh that's so awesome. There will be blood.

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

haha... you show her

Chelsi said...

bitch, please.