Day 11

A Favorite Book

I read books, but I don't remember very much at all. Right now I'm rereading the Harry Potter series, and it's almost like I've never read them. The only stuff I remember is what happens in the movies, and they leave out soooo much. So if you haven't read them, do. I'm on #5 right now.

On the left side of my blog, I have my goodreads stuff. If you really want to look at what I've read/liked/whatever, go click on that. Or here.

Books I liked:

The Giver
Twilight series. (I'm not ashamed.)
We All Fall down by Robert Cormier 
The Hunger Games series
Some of the books in The Chronicles of Narnia. The Dawn Treader was good, so I'm excited it's been made into a movie.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Oh, this post made me think of a time I had to take a creative writing class for my major, so I took Creative Nonfiction. On the first day of class, we had to say our name and what kind of stuff we liked to read or something like that. Everyone was naming writers I've never heard of, and when it was my turn, I said, "I don't really read...." I'm sure all the English nerds were rolling their eyes (Not that I'm not an English nerd. I'm just a different kind.). I still wouldn't have an answer that would please them since I don't think they respect the popular stuff too much. Oh well. Makes me laugh to myself when I think about it.

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