Texan ABCs

Beck was getting grumpy in the car one day, so my mom and I started singing the ABCs for him. We sang it back and forth, like this:
Me: A
Mom: B
Me: C
Mom: D

You get it. Well, you get bored doing the same thing over and over, so my mom said, "Let's sing it like JoAnne." JoAnne is my grandpa's wife, and she has a thiiiick accent. I thought it would be funny to record our singing on my camera without my mom knowing, so I did. When we were done, I played it back and we laughed really hard. 

So for your hearing(?) pleasure...


Jen said...

It sounds like your mom is just as awesome as you are. :)

mommy dearest said...

She is!! Thank you very much.

Jordan said...

Kari, you were supposed to say, "Double-ya." You should know better!

Kari said...

Or would it be "doub-ya"?

Chelsi said...

makes me miss kelli.