Day 13

What did you do today?

Well this is a stupid one. I also should have read this earlier and actually done something to write about.

Well, I got up, got Beck, brushed my teeth, went downstairs, got Beck some milk, took my medicine, made Beck oatmeal, fed Beck oatmeal, hung out until I could eat (I have to wait 30 min after I take my medicine), ate cereal (sugary goodness), hung out, ran, took a shower, hung out with my dad, put Beck down for a nap, computed, got Beck, fed Beck lunch, this is all kind of foggy now, but we probably just hung out and did regular stuff until Beck took another nap, I computed again, Beck got up, we ate dinner, we played, we went upstairs to read a story, Beck pooped BIG time (you're welcome), I changed the third poopy diaper of the day, put Beck to bed, and here I am. I've watched a couple episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and it made me laugh out loud aka lol. Oh, and I watched Ellen and Oprah. Oh, and I took Beck's 16 month pictures. I don't know if monthly pictures are really necessary anymore since he doesn't change as much anymore. Oh, and I ate a lot of these pumpkin cookies. I ate the whole batch within 24 hours.

Didn't read that, did you? It's ok, I won't yell and tell you to go back and read it.

Now I'm gonna paint all 20 of my nails and read Harry Potter.

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mommy dearest said...

Busy day! And those cookies looked mighty good. I'll have to copy that recipe. Beck looks dashing in his sweater. How was the rest of the stuff? Did I tell you I'm impressed you're doing this daily blog stuff? Love it!