Day 14

Your Dream House

Wow, this one is hard. I have a file in my pictures that is filled with pictures of rooms or ideas that I like. Here are some pictures from the file. (Sorry, I don't know where I got them. Some are probably from Desire to Inspire.)

I'm not really sure what style of house I love, but I like this one.

When it comes to wall color, I really like gray, black, blue/turquoise. 

Oh, and pink is ok with me.
This color is Benjamin Moore's razzle dazzle, I think.

When you have bright white molding, almost every color looks awesome.

This is a friend's house, and I love the gray walls with white molding.


Penny tiles are cool, but white grout is not.
Learned the hard way.

Miscellaneous and fun stuff...

Not a fan of these colors, but the idea is good.

Again, not a fan of the colors.

I would need a fireplace, but not necessarily this one.

And a library, with a place to sit.

Another library with cool crown molding.

Lofts are always cool.

A crawl through thingy would be fun.

A playhouse or treehouse.

A round room.

A round wall.

A secret door.

A crazy room.


Another cool stairs/slide combo.

Mirrored stairs (but not with brown wood)

Cool stairs.

Cool stairs that go up to the bed.
The stairs remind me of the boys' room on Home Improvement.

I like the idea, but I'd probably do a different design.

Arched windows.

More arched windows.

Not too shabby.


mommy dearest said...

I hope to live with you some day. Where is my room? I'll use the one with the crawl thru!

Chelsi said...

idea: let's live together.

Clint said...

Some people have some badass houses. I hate those people.

Jodi said...

You would be WAY better at building a house than I am.
Also, I'm pretty sure you would think my house is boring.

Katy said...

Those are awesome ideas! I've never thought of the spiral staircase/slide combo, but it's pretty rad.