Day 2

A picture from last year. This task was one of the most depressing things, so thanks, you stupid inventor of this challenge. YOU SUCK.

And now.

I know it's annoying when women complain about pregnancy, and I'm aware that I'm taking it for granted, but I would rather just love what I got out of it (Beck) instead of looking back at what I looked like to get here. So I chose a picture that was intentionally unattractive because it's worse when you're not trying to look gross but you do.

So what has changed?

Well, obviously my hair color. Haha. And the girth of my waist. And the girth of every part of my body. So yay! And my nail polish changed. Oh, my hair is longer. I think that's just about it. 

Did I do that right? My picture was taken over a year ago, but it was technically last year. 


Pierce and Stacy said...


Love that picture.

Anonymous said...

You seriously look great Kari! Way to go! :)

mommy dearest said...

Great contrast. And I agree with Pierce, you are hot! haha. I'm guessing Stacy wrote that.

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

You look super cute in the picture with Beck.