8 : A place you've traveled to

Last night I was looking at pictures of a cruise I went on with Matt and our friends. It was in March 2008, so almost three years ago! I kind of think we need to go again, but to somewhere new (better). We went to Ensenada and Catalina Island. I'm sure some of you have done the same cruise. 

We stopped in Vegas for the night.
We're in front of the shark tank at the Golden Nugget.

Classy Vegas.

practicing for Titanic

waiting for dinner, I think.

The group.

Jared sang.

We were walking up this street from the blow hole, and some vendor guys heard me say my friend's name so they started yelling "Ashley!" for her to go over to them. It was funny, but creepy.

Jared wanted to dance, but I didn't really.

Then we stopped in Laguna Niguel on our way home to hang out with my cousin and go to the beach.

Bliss. Haha


Jen said...

I love cruises. Sun, beaches, and all the food you can eat. That's probably what heaven is like.

{Marie Long} said...

That is the same cruise Mike and I went on for our honeymoon :) we also went and saw the blow hole, and I got my most favorite pair of sandals there!

Chelsi said...

we did that cruise after disneyland for our honeymoon. we didn't see the blowhole though. i almost wrote something really dirty right there.