9 : A picture of your friends

I like all of these people.

From bottom left:
James, Sara, & Sophie
Tony & Ashley
me, Beck, & Matt
Ryker, Ashley, & Jesse
Jared & Dustin (aren't they cuuuute?)

Jared, are you gonna kill me because of these last two posts?? :)

Speaking of Jared, you should check out his weight loss blog here. Do you watch The Biggest Loser? If so, you will know of Rulon Gardner. He owns a gym in Logan, and his wife is a personal trainer, and Jared is doing a biggest loser kind of thing with them. He's planning to lose 100 pounds by the 4th of July! He blogs every day about how things are going, so check it out.


Dana said...

THERE I AM! oh wait. nope. ;) haha Cool about Rulon. I need to get with it again. Flab. Yuck :P

Jared said...

Nice plug.. Thank you!!

That makes up for the gay comment and that dreaded ocean pic. :) It will haunt me forever.

Stephanie said...

What gym does Rulon own?

Alex and Kerri said...

You still hang out with DSC?