Blog Boredom

I should update my blog. I guess I'll just go through my camera and show you what's been UP.

In December we (Matt) poured concrete countertops over our existing countertops. They're not quite finished, but here's a preview.

Before, about to pour.

After, but with some imperfections we're (Matt) is trying to fix.

Beck was banished from the kitchen during the process. 

Matt's new toy

Beck was playing with a ziplock bag of fish rocks. They flew EVERYWHERE.

In the hinges. They're still there at this moment.

On top of all the drawers and doors.

I made Hasselback potatoes that ended up being pretty boring for how long they took. More seasonings needed for next time.

Olive doesn't like when Matt holds her up to the ceiling. She holds completely still.


Paige said...

Your countertop looks amazing! I'm very impressed.

Chelsi said...

i might be consulting you on how to redo countertops. amazing. also, spence does the same thing to belle and she acts the same way. completely still, completely pissed.

Jen said...

You are quite the crafy/resourceful one. I can't believe you did that to your table too. It looks so good!

Jen said...

I meant "crafty."