A Vaster Improvement

Vaster isn't a word, is it? Back when I got bangs, I wrote a post called A Vast Improvement. This post is about an even better improvement, so I'm calling it A Vaster Improvement.

Tonight I've been playing with a new digital camera to see if I like it, and I was trying out a trick it can do. It recognizes when someone is smiling, and it will automatically take a picture. While I was reviewing the pictures, I was thinking, "Wow, my double chin isn't showing up much anymore!" Have you ever heard the Kate Moss quote "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"? Well it's pretty controversial because people interpret it as not eating at all, but I interpret it as just not eating more than my daily caloric goal and keeping my eating in check. (Caloric goal? Is that an acceptable term? Because I just came up with it.)

Here's the bangs picture with tonight's, which also includes bangs. 


Oh, remember how I wanted to lose five more pounds? Well I've pretty much done it. I keep hopping back and forth over the number, but I'd say I'm there. I didn't really feel any different after losing those five, so I'm kind of going for another five. We'll see. Anyway, I'm glad that second chin of mine is getting the hell away. I wish there were a way to show a really big smile after I swear. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Does that work?

Do you say swear or cuss? I used to say cuss, but maybe I changed to swear after living in Utah for a while. Maybe I should write a post about cussing. Or I mean swearing. Because sometimes I think it's really funny, but mostly only when coming from funny girls. Like my girl Chelsi. And I like writing in fragments. Obviously I'm tired.


Shelley said...

Wow you look great! I can tell a big difference in these two pictures. How many calories do you eat/burn a day?

Jen said...

Hot damn you look good! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) Congrats on your caloric goal and losing the weight!

I'm going to email you about our "time-out" situation, your comments always make me laugh.

Jana said...

You look awesome!

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

Congrats. I think that's just great that you've been losing the weight that you want. You look Great!
We need to get together before I have this baby. ya?

Chelsi said...

You look FABULOUS! And sorry that I use lol when we chat. You're funny. I lol'd when you mentioned me and cussing. Shitballs.

I hate it when people say "effing." Not the real word, even though I hate that too, but they actually say "effing." Expand your vocabulary!