I played more with the feature on my camera that I talked about the other day. Where the camera takes a picture automatically when it sees a smile. I'm not sure why this would be beneficial, but I guess it could be handy at some point. It also makes for some funny pictures.

sometimes it doesn't seem to recognize your smile, so you can't help but make your smile REALLY BIG!

I was yawning.

Not ready, and not smiling, you stupid camera.

It saw her smile.

This makes me think of The 40-Year-Old Virgin movie cover.

Still trying to help the camera recognize my pretty smile.
This was probably when Matt said, "ok, last one."

Essay question: What kind of point-and-shoot camera do you have, and do you like it? Explain.


Chelsi said...

i just laughed and spit oj all over my screen.

The Fraziers said...

Whoa, identical picture of you and Steve Carrell! We have a Canon Power Shot A3100. Our old one kicked the bucket over Christmas break. It was more expensive and was a Canon Digital Elph. I liked our old one more.