I'm not a fan of when people write lol. Sometimes I do it with certain friends, but it's always as a joke. I really don't like when people write it when they have a popular blog. It realllly turns me off. Just letting you know of that pet peeve.

Have you ever looked at the Stats feature about your blog? I never did until last night, and it definitely made me LOL. I loled as much as Jared when he watches talking animals on TV or the cat in Shrek when he makes his kitty eyes.

Jared, you're laughing, aren't you?

Anyway, here are the keywords people used to search for something, my blog came up in the results, and they landed on my blog. 

That many for lotoja? Weird.

Five for ok hand signal?

Much more muchier made me laugh a little. I mean lol a little.

Literally gramar "pet peeve" is ironic.

"my goiter" made me lol to Jared heights. But I was also really tired. (Refer to last post for proof.)


Jen said...

So, when I saw the title "LOL" on my reader, I thought, "I HATE it when people use that."
Glad you don't like it either.
Now I have to go find out what "my goiter" means on your blog...

The Fraziers said...

I hate, LOL, OMG, J/K, and :) (even though sometimes I do it).

Haha, I like the key words people used! "My Goiter?" Strange. Weird ones that I have are, "cutest belly button" and "blender finger stitches."

Shelley said...

I'm due Sep 1st so that makes me like 12 or 13 weeks. I'm huge for how far I am, but what do you do?

Jared said...

hahahahahahahaha.... I started laughing as soon as I saw that picture.