Ever heard of moderation? A happy medium?

I came across this on pinterest, and it really bugged me. Please say it bugs you too.

from skinny--bones.tumblr.com (the site name goes well)

I understand parts of it. I KNOW that it's nice not being fat. Maybe it's the hip bones part that rubbed me the wrong way. The whole thing just gave me the impression that you can't do anything you want, and that being a stick is how you'll be happy. I may just be sensitive to this stuff because my old roommates are working on their PhDs and studying representations of female bodies in popular media, and I've kind of been following their blog about things like this. 

Well, for whatever reason, I don't like it. I like positive motivation instead, and lately I've been finding that on Awesome for Life, which is a blog of a personal trainer who is really into running. Here's something I liked from her blog:

Personal power is finding something you believe in and are passionate about and making it your own. You have the ability to do anything you want as long as you have 100% focus and tune out judgement from others. Women especially need to stick together, encourage each other and support each other. You need to honor and respect that you have the courage to take the journey and step into the void. Take out the ‘I cants’, the ‘I don’t knows’, the ‘buts’, and the ‘what ifs’ and replace them with ‘I can’, ‘I will’, and ‘I do’. Stay true to yourself and be the hero of your own journey.

I like that one much more.


Paige said...

Yes, it bothers me, too. This is why people have eating disorders because they think one slice of pie will ruin everything. It doesn't help that the grammar on this thing is like fingernails on a chalkboard: "Every choice you make with determine your emotions." I don't know what that means.

Abby Wright said...

YA I really disliked it too. I eat what ever I want and as long as I work out I never gain weight and lose it if I eat less of what ever I want. I really love the awesome for life blog too.

mommy dearest said...

I'm a short, stubby person who has to watch what I eat. However, that blog is offensive. Kari, I agree with everything you said and I'm thrilled that your friends are researching and writing about our mixed up society and how we view women; according to their looks/skinniness only. I REALLY like what the Awesome for Life lady wrote. It has taken me a lot of years to figure this out. Thanks for sharing. I'm proud of you!

Lindsay and Lexie said...

As you suspected, I'm SO with you on this one. Thanks for this. It makes me sad because it's such a prevalent way of thinking about food, bodies and confidence. As if nachos should make anyone feel less confident or skipping cheese cake would put a "gap between your thighs." I can tell you I've never had a gap between my thighs, no matter how many of these foods I've skipped, and I never will. But I can be happy, confident and healthy without a gap between my thighs or hip bones. Everyone can be if they want to be. Thanks for citing my blog, Tex!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I try to follow this rule of moderation. If only my body didn't take moderation and act like I ate THE WHOLE thing of ice cream, haha.
But really at the end of the day, we can't be depriving ourselves. We need to enjoy life, and food but be healthy by not over indulging and exercising.

Chelsi said...

These kind of thoughts are the reason that I was (am? recovering?) bulimic for so long. The hip bones thing really gets me. It reminds me of wanting my ribs to stick out, then when they finally did I wanted to get my lower two ribs removed. (Pam Anderson.) I don't think your hip bones are supposed to be visible. And a gap between your thighs? Not everyone has that no matter how skinny they are. The key is being healthy. Moderation. I was a stick when I was binging and purging. But that is not a definition of healthy. I'm all riled up now. I want to go punch them in the face. I'm going to leave a nasty comment. xoxo.

The Fraziers said...

Messed up. You should read this book: Rethinking Thin. I read it for one of my graduate classes. It basically talks about how our society is truly hurting women's self esteems and more. It scares me to death to ever have little girls.