I followed through on a couple Pinterest finds.

First I made a wreath. Foam wreath + 100s of thumbtacks = sore finger. Sometimes when I look at this wreath, I hope its welcoming vibes deter the Beast from chewing me out.

Then my bobby pins went from blah to ah! Nail polish, baby. Paint is the answer to almost everything.


Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

Wreath = COOLNESS! (The best part... you can change the ribbon with the seasons. I think it'd look better with a black ribbon or something. The gold and white isn't doing it for me). Just so you know.

You're awesome. I don't even craft and I'm childless.

Chelsi said...

I LOVE the wreath!!!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

both of these are great...love that gold wreath!