Sunday Bloody Sunday

On Sunday, I was smart. Rily smart. As I was about to leave for church, I stepped on our air mattress* to get my phone. In my high heels.

We went to church and came back to this sad sight. Is it site or sight? Now we sleep on the couch. So far, I don't mind. You all probably know that I'm an amazing sleeper. I've thought about going pro, but I'm not quite sure how.

Excuse the disarray.

I tried a new 'do that day (a faux braid), and now I almost do this every day. It's so easy that it's pretty much equivalent to not doing my hair at all. But it looks better. From certain angles.

Matt had to go to downtown Austin that evening because one of his projects (Chase Bank) was opening the next day and he thought his superintendent was stressed. Beck and I accompanied him on his voyage, and B wore his Clark Kent glasses that he refused to wear on Halloween

Then he tried on my sunglasses. Upside down. With a finger up his nose. Boys.

He also let me try on his CK glasses. Talk nerdy to me.

*Remember how we're poor? Yeah, we've been sleeping on an air mattress since we've lived here. Neither of us have minded because it's actually pretty comfy. Just maybe a little ghetto...we'll look back and laugh.


Alex and Kerri said...

Kerri and I slept on an air mattress for the first month that we lived in Texas (because apparently it takes an entire month to get a mattress from Denver to Texas) and it was MISERABLE! I don't know how you've been able to do it for three months!
On a side note, I love the video of Beck in the mirror

Clint said...

"I tried a new 'do that day (a faux braid), and now I almost do this every day" OR is it "I tried a new 'do that day (a faux braid), and now I do this almost every day." Hmmmm? :)

Chelsi said...

hahaha...i thought the same thing as clint. i am going to try it on my hair. i hope it looks as good.