Texas Half Marathon 1/28/12

Well I was supposed to run a half marathon in Allen (Dallas-ish) on NYE, but I didn't. I wasn't ready, but I had been putting a partial effort into training, so I wanted to follow through. I looked around for another race, and I decided I could be ready for another one in Dallas by January 28th. It was around White Rock Lake, which is where another popular marathon/half marathon takes place (but that one was expensive). I figured this was perfect other than the fact that it wasn't in Austin. 

The morning of the race, I ate a breakfast of champions. (As much as I could eat.)

I only brought a short sleeved shirt because I would be running. I would get hot. Right? My mom let me borrow a long sleeved shirt, and I grabbed one without caring much about it because I was sure I'd take it off pretty quickly.

Beck, Matt, Olive, and I headed out a little late, but I wasn't too nervous about that. We got on the freeway, and it was pretty much standing still. I was getting more and more nervous, and with that I was feeling sicker and sicker. Eventually we were able to get off the freeway, and I ran into Whataburger for an emergency meeting with the bathroom, which I'm finding is very common with me before races. Anyone else get the nervous poo?

Off we went again, and I was feeling nauseous. We pulled over and I puked on the side of the road. We kept driving, and then I puked in a cup that we had in the car. I cried because I didn't want to go to the race, but I didn't want to skip out on another one. And I had been training for it, too. We decided to keep going and see how it went. 

We got there 15 minutes before the race started, but we couldn't drive very close, so I jumped out of the car  while Matt went to find somewhere to park. I saw a Mile 1 marker, so I was like, "Are you serious? It's a mile to the start? I'm not running because I have 13 miles to run in a minute." But then I saw some other people running, and I knew I'd have to if I wanted to be there when it started. By the way, I also had to get my packet. I ran the mile-ish there, got my packet, stood there for a few minutes, and we were off. I was totally fine once I got there. 

After the first mile there was this bridge that moved. It looked like a regular concrete bridge, so I thought I was lightheaded or something because I was feeling really weird. I heard some girls going, "Ohhh!" so I figured it was the bridge and not me. I was not a fan. 

Since I didn't run my last half marathon with music, I decided I wouldn't have any this time either. Plus I don't have earphones I like because I watch movies in the theater room at my gym. (Quite delightful other than the mugginess in the room sometimes.) Here were some thoughts that occupied my mind (not in order, really) for those hours (yeah, I'll tell you how many hours eventually):

- My legs are numb
- I missed the memo to wear running tights
- My butt's numb too
- Should I eat a Shot Blok?
- Is that Matt and Beck? 
- Nope
- I wonder how many miles we've gone
- I should've worn my watch so I would know when to eat a Shot Blok
- I'm pretty stupid to think I could've worn a short sleeve shirt today
- I'm glad my mom gave me a shirt
- I'm glad my mom let me wear her fanny pack thing
- Why did I return mine for a smaller one? This one is nice.
- Is that Matt and Beck? 
- Nope.
- My shirt underneath is all the way up to my boobs
- Wow, there are some runners over there. That will be awesome when I get there.
- Oh, I almost forgot...I'm leaving that spot where the other runners were.
- Smile for the camera!
- Is that Matt and Beck? 
- Nope.
- I'm feeling good!
- Oh, it's Matt and Beck!

- I'm not feeling awesome.
- Another freaky bridge.
- That girl has cute shoes.

Then I talked to the girl with cute shoes and ran with her for maybe two miles (~miles 10-12). I may have divulged too much information during our first meeting as I told her that my runners trots have ceased since being religious with Metamucil. I'm sure it was normal in the conversation we were having...right??? Well she stopped for Gatorade, and I kept going. I promise it wasn't right after the Metamucil talk. I don't think... 

At the very end of the race was a hill (mean), so in the pictures Matt took of me, I look like I'm barely moving. Maybe I was barely moving! (You may have to wait for this animated gif below to load up before it goes fast. If it's not working, click on it and then it should work.)

Summary: That was the day I ran 14-ish miles instead of the expected 13.1. And it was better than the first half I did. I give credit where credit's due: my beloved Metamucil. 

Here are two of my fans (who hung out with MATT during all this, not in the car alone!!) on the way home.

This is my barf cup.

This is my sleeve that I used to wipe the barf from my mouth.


Oh, I almost forgot. My time. 2:22. It wasn't awesome, but it was two minutes faster than my other half, and this one was windy and a little hilly. Also keep in mind that I usually run on a treadmill with no incline, so I was pretty happy! Oh, and also keep in mind that I'm like three feet tall, so my legs really have to work! OK, I think I'm finished with my excuses.


Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

No excuses needed. That's awesome!

1. You didn't look like you were going slow, and I liked the gif.
2. That's your mom's shirt you barfed on.... :)
3. Yeah, I'm a fan of capris/leggings. And then taking off when needed. I don't like being cold.
4. Good pics.
5. Nice nails.
6. Glad you're not a neglectful parent and don't leave your dog and kid alone in a car! Shhesh! Whew, glad you told me, because if not, I would have assumed the worst of you.
7. YAY! You did another half!
8. Great time, with hills, wind and such!
9. WHAT IS THAT? That you ate for breakfast?
10. Metamucil? We must discuss.

mommy dearest said...

Even though you told me the story, I had to laugh the entire time I was reading it! And I'm proud of you, way to go.

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

You are awesome! That does not sound like a very good ecperience, so way to go!

Chelsi said...

i loved all of the bodily functions in this post.

you are amaze. i would've given up after one barf...but that's why i'm lame.

sidenote: my verification word thingy (i forget what they're called) below is "red butt."