Words I Hate (Part 2)

This is turning into words and phrases I hate. I'll put a disclaimer here that this list will include things many of you say. Don't be offended; just change your ways. Just kidding. Kinda. Here's another disclaimer: I have no idea how the layout will turn out since I'm blogging from my iPad (cause I'm cool like that).

I'll include the words from the last time I did this so you can have a full compilation for your records.


Oh stop trying to be so artsy.

Example: That gigantic flower on your daughter's head is darling!

Example: That gigantic flower on your daughter's head is so stinking darling!

Example: I got the darling flower from my local Michael's. I did not go to the Michael's in Kansas City, just in case you were wondering. Just my local one.

Example: Writing local in a sentence is unnecessary, no?

Example: Just had a yummy dinner at Cafe Rio!
You are not six. (And no one cares, but that's off topic.)

Top knot
I'm just sick of reading top knot.

Buying your dress from a thrift store doesn't make it vintage.

Example: My cousin and his sweet wife had a baby.
Sweet wife sounds like the equivalent of uninteresting, unfunny, un-anything-I'd-like. If you're going to use an adjective to describe me, please use bitchin'. I didn't say bitchy. I said bitchin'. And please remember that I said an adjective. Not a verb. Oh dear, I've lost so many of you, haven't I?

Cold cuts
I prefer lunch meat. They're the same, right? I mean...they're the same, no?


Example: I love to nosh on my baby's puff snacks.

I can't even.
This one blogger kept saying this, and she was already getting on my nerves, so I stopped reading her blog.

Chelsi, you are exempt.

Example: I adore vintage clothing!

Example: I padded down the hall as quietly as I could.
This was used often in a book I was reading, and it annoyed me each time. Cassandra Clare, stop it.

Unless we're talking chicken tenders. I like those.

Example: The pictures of your daughter with the darling flower on her head are too cute. I can't even.
TOO cute? What's going to happen now that we've surpassed the allowed level of cuteness?!

You are not Dumbledore.


You are not Holden Caulfield.

Strong is the new skinny.
Oh, so someone fat and strong will now be on the cover and Cosmo? No.

Something else
Example: She is something else!
What is she?!

Mom, you can do it. It doesn't bug me when people use it in a text, but when you're blogging, you can't just spell it out?

Love your guts

Said no one ever
It was funny the first time.

Minus the ba, and I'll be happy.

And that is all I have for you during this segment of Words/Phrases I Hate.


Hilary Frazier said...

I've never heard of "nosh" or "wonky" before. I do use "stinking" quite a bit. But I spell it, stinkin' (I was going to put that in quotation marks, but then it would have looked like this "stinkin'").

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

Oh man. I'm pretty sure I am guilty of a couple of those. Sorry Kari!
As a side note...as I was reading this post it really made me miss you guys. I hope you and your "Sweet" boy and "Darling" Husband are doing well! Haha. "Love your Guts"

Shelley said...

Haha! Don't ever read my blog. EVER.

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

I'm guilty of so many of these. But in my defense, I'm also not guilty and a fellow hater of several others. I get all pissy when people say "hob lob" for hobby lobby, "hubs" for husband and "awesomesauce." No. Just... no.

-Unashamed fellow judge of all mankind.

Dana said...

Thanks for the laugh! Love it!

Jen said...

Your commentary is just as funny as the words themselves. You know what word you should add?
When bloggers say, "I'm going to do her nursery reveal next post." As if we're all waiting on pins and needles to see you painted stripes on a wall...