The Color Run. FAIL.

Because of smart phones and Instagram, blogging is kind of over for me. I also don't take many pictures with my other camera because it just isn't as handy when you can't upload them right away. I was looking through my camera just now, and I thought I should post about the huge failure that was The Color Run. I was so excited for this race. It's a 5K, you wear white, and they throw colored powder on you at every K. My mom and our friend Jared were even in town for it. 

The morning of the race I got an email from the race people saying because of the rain we'd been getting, leave your jogging strollers at home because it's too muddy. So what were we supposed to do? We didn't have a babysitter, so we thought we'd brave it. We got to the race (finally, after a long wait and a long walk), and the race started an hour late. It was freezing, so we had to just dance around and try to keep warm. (Yeah, my pictures suck.)

showing off my Color Run tat.

we were all so unaware of the crap race we were about to start.

Finally we started the race and went through the first color station, where I got a speck of yellow on my shoulder. It was muddier than I thought it would be, and Matt decided to pull out with the stroller/Beck. I thought he should've kept going, but it's so good that he didn't. People with strollers ended up having to carry them. Another person's wheel broke. The whole three miles was a mud run. But way worse than a mud run. It was the most miserable three miles I've ever walked. No one ran because it was mud up to your ankles, and everyone's shoes were being sucked off nonstop. Some people just took their shoes off and walked barefoot. At one point one of my shoes goes sucked off, and it happened so fast that I kept going and couldn't get back to it. Someone that was passing by brought it to me. I don't think I ever passed another color station. Later I got on their facebook page to see if anyone was as annoyed about the whole thing as I was, and The Color Run people said that they couldn't drive out to the color areas because of the mud, so the color wasn't there. (If the conditions were that bad, why didn't they warn us?!) Other color stations ran out of color after a little while. So I finished with that same speck of yellow that I got at the beginning. I was so mad at the whole thing. Some people on the facebook page were like, "The race was so much fun!!" WERE WE AT THE SAME RACE?!

Here's what my legs look like at the end.

I haven't run a race since.


Sallie said...

That's hilarious. I've only heard amaing things about the race...but now the truth comes out. FINALLY!!!! What kind of jogging stroller do you have?

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

Ugh! That sounds super sucky. They should have just postponed it or canceled it. That's the pits.

Dana said...

San Diego's one is coming up & a friend of mine wanted me to sign up... now I'm seriously doubting I'll do it! Sorry it sucked!

Chelsi said...