Calling all moms

Okay, I'm calling all parents, but blogging is kind of a girl thing. (Sorry Jare.)

I'd like all advice from anyone who has opinion about baby/kid stuff. Right now I'm looking at car seats, but I don't really know what I'm looking for, other than making sure it's cute. So please tell me...do you have a favorite brand? Are the triangle handles nice (pic below)? Do you get what you pay for, meaning stay away from the cheap ones? Let me know what you think, and you can also tell me about other products as well (bottles and...uhhhh whatever else babies need!).

Here is a picture of a seat with the triangle handle that looks cool since you can hold it different ways.

I was also just wondering...do these come in adult size? Okay, I guess I just need teenage size.


Missy said...

Car Seat- We have a Baby-Trend jogger that you can put the car seat in. We LOVE the triangle handle, especially Brad. However, we didn't really need to get the combo for jogging cuz you can't run with them til they're 6 months old and by then they can sit in the stroller without the car seat. I also didn't know the car seats come in sizes. Apparently ours was small and Abbi out grew it by 7 months.

Slings- I loved mine. Abbi always wanted to be held. The sling made it so I could get stuff done and still hold her.

Burp rags- Flannel ones suck. Sorry, but they do. The puke just rolls off of it onto your shirt. I would go with cloth diapers instead. They're much more absorbent.

Bottles/Binkies- Try to get one with a bottle nipple like the binkie they use, if they use one. It makes it a ton easier. Abbi liked NUK best but a lot like the Soothie ones.

Diapers-If you can help it, don't even bother with the cheap diapers. They're horrible. They fall apart and don't hold much. We like Huggies best.

That's all I can think of now. I hope that was helpful.

P.S. I might have something for you. What's your address?

Shelley said...

CHECK THE CONSUMER REPORT!!!!! Maybe it's just me, but when it comes to carseat all I want is to make sure my baby is safe. It crossed my mide to go a little cheaper, but then I knew if my baby died or got hurt in a car wreck I couldn't forgive myself. I purchased the one that got the best rating (at the time) Carseats and other baby stuff is being recalled all the time!

Hedderg said...

Hey this is the VERY carseat I used on my two little ones. I picked it out because I thought it was cute. I found out after the fact that it was one of the best performers in the consumer reports!

Natalie said...

I can tell you what kind of car seat NOT to buy: Evenflo. We were all excited for the travel system we got for really cheap, and we ended up hating the car seat. It was awful to get in and out of the car, the straps were flimsy, and the hood thing broke after just a few months. If you're looking for a brand that won't cost you $500, I'd go with Graco. I know lots of people who love them.

I could go on and on but I won't bore you. :) That's my two cents of advice.

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

I know that I already talked to you about this, but thought that maybe you'd like it written down. We have the CHICCO carseat system and I thought that it was SO great! And it's cute! They have several different colors to shoose from too. It is super easy to snap in and out of the base and the straps for baby are way easy to use. The handle on it was straight and it was fine. I would feel that the triangle handle would get in the way. I wasn't ever strong enough to carry it just with my hand, so I would put my arm through it and let the handle rest on my forearm.

Bottles: I like Dr. Browns.

Diapers: The LUVS brand suck! And So does PAMPERS! I love HUGGIES! Once they get into size 2 you can get them at Costco for cheaper than at a grocery store. Costco also has their brand KIRKLAND that are comparible to HUGGIES, but the HUGGIES are still cheaper. :)

Um that's all that I can think of at the moment. So ya! I hope I was helpful

Stephanie said...

Bottles- Avent is the very best brand. Casen had colic really bad and these made a big difference.

Carseat/Stroller- We have Graco and have been pleased with it. I would make sure you buy a durable one cause these things get tossed around.

Diapers- Huggies for sure! Walmart brand (parents choice) leak pee everywhere and Luvs don't hold in all the poop. We have never had an accident with Huggies.

Binkies- Soothie brand is the only one my kid will take. They are the big green ones that aren't that cute, but they work.

Swing/Bouncer- We have the Fisher Price Rainforest one. We love it! I don't think you really need a swing AND a bouncer but make sure you have one or the other. I would go with the swing.

I know some people don't like the Diaper Genies but I LOVE mine. It doesn't stink up his room and it beats having to empty the garbage a million times a day.

Good Luck!

mommy dearest said...

Well, if you want Grandma-type advice: Check out Consumer Report since baby stuff changes so often. I did look at the specs of this seat and it says up to 22 lbs. so that should last a year. It does look comfy for my little guy. And I took Ryan home from the hospital by laying him on the passenger seat! Yep, I lived in the dark ages!

mandie said...

Car Seat: Graco Snugride. Passed crash safety tests well and is affordable. Comes in many colors/patterns and covers are washable--very important for spit, poop and puke episodes. Handle not really important to me b/c I didn't haul the car seat long distances.

Diapers: I disagree with everyone else (what's new?) Huggies have been my least favorite diaper. I've had more pee leaks and broken tabs with this brand than any other. Pampers were my favorite to start out. And Pampers sensitive wipes are the best for brand new bums.

Elise said...

we tried the expensive diapers and always had blow outs. we use the cheap diapers from smiths. they are the best we've found and only cost 7 bucks for 50.

Missy said...

We had a Graco car seat stroller combo we loved, but it was HUGE. Like it wouldn't even fit in the trunk of my car without scraping some plastic off! But the car seat could be used till they were bigger than most other car seats did (granted Ben grew out of to fast anyway). If you'll be toting him around in 2 cars get 2 bases! We definitely don't regret paying extra.

Avent bottles were the only thing that Ben would take. And he'd only take one random brand of Gerber pacifiers (that are hard to find) because they're shaped like the avent bottle nipples.

We have a jogging stroller but rarely used it because it was way too big.

I never used a sling or those carrier things either. Granted he was babysat since he was 6 weeks old...

My favorite things I had were this head supporter. I can honestly say I can thank Ben's perfectly round head on this. We'd put it under him in his bouncer, on the floor so his neck was supported and under those jungle gyms (granted he had a big head). It will prevent that back-of-head balding and flattening. Also these chamois sheets. They are so soft. And they somehow repel a bit of spillage and stay really clean and soft. And last but not least zip up sleepers. Trust me, they're way better than the button-up ones and come in super small sizes for newborns!

My two cents!