I sure loved you when you were black

I do ♥ MJ, but who doesn't? Here are some songs of note in my opinion, so click on them and get the whole experience via youtube. For your viewing pleasure....

Will You Be There is a good one (from Free Willy). Mostly cause it's so gay.

Billie Jean is always good, and the part of the video that I like is how the blocks light up when he walks on them. Billie Jean is not my lova. You should also watch this cause he stole his moves from me.

Thriller. Of course. (And notice how black he was back then.) But here's a remake that's pretty funny.

Who's bad? But I can't hear it without thinking of Weird Al's version.

I'll Be There...no video, but a nice picture full of fros.

I LOVE Ain't No Sunshine, even though he's too young to know what he's saying.

Dirty Diana.

Black or White with baby Macaulay. The only thing I remember from this video is the face morphing.

A song I had never heard until the Number Ones cd...Earth Song.

I wanna Rock With You.

Break of Dawn.

K I'll stop there. Old Michael was great.


tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

I agree... OLD Michael was great!

Jon said...

Did you know that Thriller was the most expensive music video of its day? Costing more than $500,000. Money well spent.