Things I learned from my childbirth prep class tonight

Well, I might not have learned them, but these things were made clearer:

  • I am not going to be pleasant during labor and delivery.
  • I do not want to go through labor and delivery.
  • I will not fight it if my doctor thinks, "Hey, maybe we should do a c-section."
I don't care what everyone says. C-sections can only be more pleasant.


Jocelyn Hobson said...

Labor's really no biggie!! just start asking for the epidural on your way in!! You won't feel a thing!!

Nichole said...

Remember the anesthesia provider is your best friend!!!

Pierce and Stacy said...

Just remember, when the epidural doesn't work the first time for 10 hours, like Jordan, make sure to let him know so he can shoot you up again. :)

Elise said...

I thought that exact same thing the whole time I was pushing...but once Audrey was here and I wasn't recovering from that c-section for a month it was worth all the pushing. It's really amazing how quickly you can recover from a watermelon coming out of your va-jay-jay!
And don't let any nurses tell you not to push your epidural button right before you push so that you can feel it better...it's not worth it!!!

Sarahn, Cade, Memphis, and Dempsey said...

I was way freaked out about the C-Section at first...but I was relieved at the same time. Honestly, it was horrible because I was so sore and got an infection. However, now that I had one, I can't imagine pushing a child out through that teeny tiny hole! NO THANK YOU!!!!!!! It blows my mind women survive childbirth.

Emily said...

I have never had a baby come out the tiny hole but I have had a c-section and NO THANK I dont EVER want to go through that again and I did not have a baby on top of the c-section! I think I will try pushing and GREAT Drugs (epidural) over having a C-section ANYday...but I will let you know in three weeks after have done both what I really think. You never know.