I will reiterate

Sorry to be annoying, but sometimes I go through my email to find several comments left on my blogs. I often want to respond to the comments, but I can't because the commenter didn't attach their email address to their account. Sometimes I seek out the commenter by emailing, commenting on their blog, talking to them on facebook, etc., but that's a hassle. So please. Read this post because it tells you how to attach your email to your comments. When you do that, I'll respond to your comment and bug you. :) Sounds great, right? Ok GO!

Posts with only text are lame, so here are some dorky pictures of my mom and me in Italy in the summer of oh-five. (Jared, that was for you. The way I said "the summer of oh-five." Not necessarily the picture. But I guess the picture could be dedicated to you...) While waiting for our train, my family decided to line up our luggage and pose with it because we had so much. Then my mom and I decided to jump over the luggage. Because it's just obvious that that's what you do when there's a line of luggage.

Did you even read what I wrote about the email stuff, or did you just look at the pictures?


Unknown said...

Thanks! That was easy enough. Keep me updated on all the bloggy things you know. Because I don't know a thing.

Great jumping pictures! The one of your mom is pretty great.

Chelsi Lasater said...

i read. also, i really want to switch moms. also, background is much better with the grey! way to work it out.

Katy said...

I read . . . and then skipped to the pics. :)