10 : Something you're afraid of

Like Ron Weasley and almost everyone I know (yeah, I know Ron), I don't like spiders. I looked up pictures on Google, and gross! Look what I found!

supposedly that's from a brown recluse.

Here are some more pictures to turn your stomach.

I'm gonna have spider nightmares now. If you want to see more disgusting pictures, just do a Google search, and you'll be thoroughly grossed out.


Turbo said...

I hate spiders so bad. I was actually bitten by a Hobo Spider once, when I was visiting SLC. The bite is painless, and the necrosis kills all of the nerves. I didn't even have symptoms until I was back in NY. I thought I was dying. My Dr. thought I might have lymphoma, until I found the bite on the back of my leg. Creepy stuff.

tHe sMiTh SaGa said...

I too hate hate hate spiders. ugh! they are nasty!