17 : Something you're looking forward to

Yeah, I skipped some, but moving on...

I'm looking forward to moving into a house and out of Ogden. Have you ever watched Revolutionary Road? Well I feel like Kate Winslet's character, but without the abortion and whorishness. When we moved here, we were supposed to be here a year. A YEAR. It's been almost 3.5. I feel like we're trapped in limbo. Something that doesn't help is that because I thought this would be a temporary place, I didn't put any effort into getting to know anyone. I just went to work and came home and hung out with Matt. That worked at the time. Backfire.

I know you're not supposed to constantly look forward to the next thing in life, but I'm doing just that. I'd like to think that I'll be content once I get there, but let's be realistic...I'll be looking forward to something else.


Chelsi Lasater said...

we really need to be real-life friends.

Ruth said...

I feel your pain!! I'm the same way, but imagine being trapped in that condo with FOUR kids!! I feel like I'm going completely mad most days. . . The only thing that gets me through is thinking about what will be, but like you, let's face it, I doubt I'll ever be content.